Wednesday, June 06, 2007

What's New?

Good morning, Blog World! It's 4:11 AM and my dear hubby is getting ready for work. He is tired!

Our house sold the day we put it up for sale, for our asking price! God is good. The folks have a HUGE down payment (more than 2/3!), so it is a pretty sure thing that they will get the loan approved. Our tentative closing date is July 16--hopefully sooner.

I am getting ready to move (this is a bad word at my house). I'm going through the kitchen and downsizing, as almost any kitchen would be smaller than the one I have now. Now I have 2 sets of sinks, and 50 (yep, I counted!) cabinets and drawers (I counted handles)! It's a real country kitchen, eh?

In the meantime, God has been blessing me in wonderful ways through the preaching of our new pastor. Superb. We needed him! His family is tops, too. Looking forward to them moving here, and looking for a place for them to live (I accidentally typed "love.") We're praying and looking....

More later. Back to bed. Lots of work to do today!

PS Yahooey! Sarah's pregnant! Glory to God!


Grace said...

hey mom. love the new look. so happy to see a new post from you. i know if you've posted, then it's past time for me to do it. wish i was there to help you out with the downsizing thing. i'm sure ian and sarah would be marvelous at unloading everything out of those 50! drawers and cabinets. that would be a dream come true for them. can't wait to see you friday. love you.

Jamie Butts said...

I love it that you two are early birds. Hmm. Do you usually/always get up with him?

sarahdodson said...

Good night, PWE! Good post. I'm glad you got a new pastor- great guy! And his family, too, of course. :) I'm SO happy to be preggie~ thanks for sharing the news. LOVE YOU!

Prediger said...

Hey Sis. I finally got to view your blog. Not bad! We rejoice that we have become a new family in Christ and look forward to serving you and the folks there in Coleman and Brownwood. God bless and send our love on all there.
Your new Pastor,

Prediger said...

By the way sis. Here is a new blog for you.

Put Your Faith Back into Action said...

I am so gona miss ya very much and Praise God ya found a wonderful preacher and his family. (:)