Thursday, September 27, 2007

Wasn't THAT Fun?

(Thanks, Rebekah!)

Welcome back, friends. All moved in and the baby grands and co. are headed over here tomorrow. YES! (Pardon my joy!)

I still have so much unpacking to do. Greg refs tonight and tomorrow, so I have some time alone to tackle it all. Sigh. It will be SO nice when it's all done.

We continue to be SO blessed at church--check out the link and take some time to listen to a good sermon. I recommend all the ones in English, unless you're proficient in German, also. I'm uploading the sermons on Sunday evening and loving it--and hopefully next week I can get back to learning how to work on the web site. Technical difficulties (named Pee Wee, btw). Soon!

All's well at the Risses'. I started walking up and down the floors of the apartment building every morning--good opportunity to pray for all these dear people. Pray for me as I seek to minister to them and share my precious Lord. God put us in a GOOD place. I am thankful!

Finished The Anatomy of Secret Sins, now I'm off to Charity and Its Fruits, by Jonathan Edwards. Very good read! (I think our pastor is trying to plug the big holes in my armor!)

Good night to all. To comment is to love, and remember, if you're in the neighborhood, nothing says "I'm thinking of you" like Sonic ice. (Does anybody read this?)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


"God's servants differ from all servants in the world. Every other servant loses himself by service.... But the only way to find a man's self is to be God's servant. Every other servant loses his liberty by his service; but liberty is then gotten when we become servants to God. As soon as we enter His service, we obtain our freedom. Every other servant in strictness of rule, is below a son, a child; but every servant of God is a son of God, and shall have not gifts as a mere servant may have, but the inheritance which the son who serves his father shall have." --Obadiah Sedgwick, The Anatomy of Secret Sins

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Moved in!

Whee! We are moved in! I have one bedroom left to unpack. I got a whopper of a cold as soon as we moved in, so, 12 days later, I'm not finished unpacking, which is unheard-of for me! I'm taking my time as I start feeling better. Let's hear it for Puffs Plus with Lotion! The only way to go.

We are in a RETIREMENT VILLAGE. What's a bigger shock: That I'm married to someone old enough to live here (he IS the baby, as the starting age is 55, and he just turned that in April), or that I live here (at the tender age of 40-11)?! We are big-time the babies here. It's fun! We have a community room, complete with nice tv (we don't have cable here, so we can go up there for free!), a billiards room (and boy, am I out of practice!), and a fitness room (and these cute ladies want ME to head up an exercise class for them! I can't even GO there right now, literally and figuratively!). I went to the meet-and-greet last week--that was fun getting to know the ladies--and to chickenfoot (dominos), which was also fun. I played Skip-Bo with my new neighbor (who makes great potato soup!), and she beat me. She won chickenfoot, too. The silent ones are the violent ones, so I've heard.

And God continues to bless our church meetings. Wow. Anticipation. God is good!

And I found a lump. My appointment is this Tuesday. I'll let you know. God is much helping me.

AND we find out tomorry if Baby D is male or female! Yahooey! There is a pre-game meeting at Dairy Queen, at which we get to guess the sex of the baby and get treated to Happy Hour $1 Blizzards! Does it get any better than that!? Greg and CC are invited--interesting huge group in this little sonogram office. Whee!
Sarah and I have the best gyn/ob (respectively). He likes powdered donuts, too. Gotta pick him up some before my visit.

Pics when I can get myself together enough to consider finding the CD to reinstall Kodak Easyshare. Long story.

My pastor gave me The Anatomy of Secret Sins to read. Gulp.

More later, dear ones! I love y'uns, whoever you are!