Thursday, February 28, 2008

Lotsa News

What a delinquent. Here's some of the latest.

I'm going to Abilene later to get Mom from the hospital. She didn't need angioplasty, for which I am very thankful. I get my dear mom a little bit longer. She is precious.

Had a great time in McKinney, where I'm treated like a queen. La Hacienda fajitas! And I get to love on the baby grands, to boot.

Sick, sick. Greg is sick--I'll spare you the details. He went to work today but HAS NOT EATEN, so you know he's miserable. And I'm getting sick again--the nasty cough is back. I am VERY thankful for feeling great for a whole month, after being sick for the previous 3.

I'm enjoying our newest little guy. I've got a new move called "Joseph in the Carseat." I'll demo on request. Miggy remains the great little sis.

I get Principessa around for a bit, as her house is being worked on. How great is that!

This is dull, dull. But I do think that Grace likes to read this. So here it is.

Love to all!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Lotsa Babies!

Here are the three same-aged cousins, including Miss Droopy Drawers in the middle. They were born in March, June, and July, and will all turn 2 this year. Whee! They are precious, and each so different from the others. Miss Miggy (Droopy) is the boss, as she's the oldest, and the bossiest. To the left is Bemmie, who is Miss Mellow, as she just takes whatever comes. And Miss Abs, on the right, just does her own thing. She's otherwise known as Poncho Abby. (No relation to "Villa.") We also have two more rounds of baby grands: Sarah and Anna are 3 months apart, and Luke and our new baby Jojo are 5 months apart. Am I loving this?! Get-togethers are only getting funner! God is good.

PS To the Risse/Dodson couples of child-bearing ages and capabilities: We may need 2 more boys for a little more balance here. (Just thought I'd put my order in early....)

(You may recall I originally intended my blog to be for spiritual encouragement and edification. Sigh.)