Thursday, February 28, 2008

Lotsa News

What a delinquent. Here's some of the latest.

I'm going to Abilene later to get Mom from the hospital. She didn't need angioplasty, for which I am very thankful. I get my dear mom a little bit longer. She is precious.

Had a great time in McKinney, where I'm treated like a queen. La Hacienda fajitas! And I get to love on the baby grands, to boot.

Sick, sick. Greg is sick--I'll spare you the details. He went to work today but HAS NOT EATEN, so you know he's miserable. And I'm getting sick again--the nasty cough is back. I am VERY thankful for feeling great for a whole month, after being sick for the previous 3.

I'm enjoying our newest little guy. I've got a new move called "Joseph in the Carseat." I'll demo on request. Miggy remains the great little sis.

I get Principessa around for a bit, as her house is being worked on. How great is that!

This is dull, dull. But I do think that Grace likes to read this. So here it is.

Love to all!


Grace said...

thanks, sweet mama! i was happy to hear about your momma. we love grannybear over here in mckinney. thanks for the update and i hope you guys start feeling better. sorry if it came from my neck of the woods. love you.

sarahdodson said...

not a bit dull