Saturday, July 15, 2006

The Adventures of Emmie

Wowie! Part-time mommy for 2 weeks! I'm thoroughly enjoying Ian and Sarah here. I sure don't have the energy I used to.... It has been good for me, and hopefully for them and their mommy and daddy. Grandpa's having a good time, too. Our patience isn't what it used to be, either.... I guess it's because we don't usually have so MANY opportunities to exhibit it in the course of a day. So many things I would have like to have done differently, or in addition, in training my children while they were home. The Lord knows.... More later on the Adventures of Emmie.

Friday, July 07, 2006

The Blog Queen

I must say I'm so intimidated! Christy can blog like no other! RATS! (Inferiority complex developing....) Sarah's blog is, and the link is there for Christy's. I'll set up links on mine soon, when I make time, probably when Ian and Sarah get here tomorrow night. Seventeen days of baby grands! Whee!

I'm thinking I need to start another blog in addition to this one. This one is rapidly becoming the "Wanna see pics of my baby grands?" blog! HELP ME. I can't stop myself!

Abuelo's was great, in spite of the disappearing papas (not the "pope," and not fathers!). Their usually-outstanding papas (potatoes, for cc) were more like papa crepes, the size of a small coaster and considerably thinner (I was gonna say pancakes, but that would've made the layer too thick). New cook, I guess. (Maybe "papa soup" spilled on the corner of the plate?) (Circles don't have corners, though maybe ovals kinda do....)

And I meant this to be a serious, heavy blog. How I've strayed! As far as Target and Lie Down, at least we weren't far from the pillow section, where I was eyeing one that Christy liked that I was gonna bring her to use in her distress. Besides the side effect of swollen everthing-from-the-shoulders-up, she got a blue tongue. Where's WebMD when you need it?

For "for you, onny 4 dollas" I got a lovely fan with a pic of me and Christy (don't tell Sarah) to use in church, where the ladies will fight being jealous of me. I just want to say, When Greg throws out the trash, he throws out the trash, and everything else in the trunk. Hence the fate of the poor fan, which Christy courageously rescued. Her only comfort was that it was early in the morning, so she could skip the noxious fumes emitting from a ripe 120+ degree dumpster. Brave soul.

I'm ready for Mikayla to return (mistype--the DODSONS) . Christy and I are bonding waaaayyy too much, and, next thing you know, she'll be in our foster care! Getting paid to take care of Christy--now THAT'S an idea....

Enough nonsense for now. Our dear Shamburgers are back (yay!), along with our "oldest" friends, the Horners. Missed by all. Looking forward to slides and stories from India.

Love to all. Leave a comment sometime....

Monday, July 03, 2006

Lovely, lovely!

Here's our sweet flower girl. Better than a bench! And she's usually smiling!

Aren't they adorable? I can't wait to meet sweet little Naomi later this month!

And Abigail Rose is due the 25th of this month. How sweet can life get.... We are blessed! And I guessed three boys....