Monday, October 23, 2006


Dare I say it's FINALLY growing on me? I seem to have gotten over pining for Pennsylvania (but not the dear brethren there!).

And then there's the bedroom.... I've been working on it for WAAAAYYYY too long now, and I'm gonna be finished with it by the end of the month. I finished painting the walls -- finally! After many suggestions from many talented decorators (my friends), I decided on the color that I wanted--medium gray! I love it! Because some dear person many moons ago put up not one, but TWO wallpaper borders, one on top of the other, I have what appears to be the first dose of superglue on my upper walls that DOES NOT come off! I will sand off the paint before the glue comes off. Never seen anything like it! GAK! SO, I decided to put starched material up there. It's gray and white, and I sure hope it works. I've not tried it before, but friends have, and they say it's do-able. Maybe I'll post pics afterwards. Greg is being VERY patient about sleeping in the guest bedroom (on a full-sized bed, not a queen), and I appreciate that. He's very kind to me!

Raw foods. Hmmm....

I'm so enjoying hearing my dear Gregory preach. He's covering until we get a pastor, so please pray for him. He works such long hours, sleeps so poorly with his apnea, and studies every chance he gets. I admire him so much! He just started I John Sunday morning. It's so good so far! He is such a joy.

As far as receiving man's testimony, Greg HAD to see if Johnson's baby shampoo really WAS "as gentle as pure water." Guess what -- NO!, especially if you just open your eye and put a glob in it! (I think they meant if you have a headful of lather and some drips in your eye....) Poor Greg. He had everyone laughing when he told the story. Very gullible man....

So there, I blogged. This is getting pretty pitiful. I should scrap this and start over!

Here comes the man of my dreams, even after 31 years. How I love him! Good night, all!