Friday, February 23, 2007

Inchoate (in ko' et) (upside-down E)

I love, love, love words! And I love new words. And here's my new word: inchoate. Found it in a book I was reading. When I find a new word, I say it to myself over and over again, I can't stop thinking about it, I type it in my mind, etc. (Does this count, Chadwick?)

How about a definition? "Being only partly in existence or operation; esp: imperfectly formed or formulated (misty, inchoate suspicions that all is not well with the nation--JM Perry)." --Webster's

What do you think? Have you heard or read that word before? I HAVE to drop it into a conversation soon!

I also love unusual names. IOUSE. (That's an Air Force one.) Pronounced OS way. Ineligible for Scrabble, but it would be outstanding, eh?

I HAD to do something with my new cool word. Thanks for reading. Sorry.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Bits and Pieces

Lots has been going on since I wrote last. Our dear daughter miscarried. You can read about it at She and Miggy accompanied me to the doctor in Angelo yesterday, and we had us a good cry on the way home. God is faithful, and it has been such a bittersweet blessing to see her and her precious husband go through this trial. God gets the glory.

I finally got some medicine so I can feel on top of everything again. Bubby visiting said it felt like I wasn't here. Blah. I feel better already. I've felt like I'm always fixin' to get bronchitis again (misery). Maybe this round of medicine will help.

The Bible in 90 Days is something I'd encourage everyone to sign up for. It takes a VERY strong commitment, as there is a LOT of reading in one day, manageable in smaller portions a few times a day. Sarah and I are about halfway through. It has been EXCELLENT. It's helped me so much to get the Big Picture, and a lot of the history in the Old Testament. The story of Balaam finally makes sense, too!

Bubs "loaned" us their deluxe treadmill--it even blows cool air on you! I got a few minutes on it this morning, as I can almost breathe normally today, and I got my most-wonderful Z-COILS! My plantar fasciitis is non-existent when I wear these! What a wonder! I will hopefully add a pic of the most comfortable shoes ever! (And I'm a tad taller, which, at 5', is quite nice for 6' hubby's kisses!)

I got some awesome pics of Bubby's beautiful tulips. I will add one here. I had a ball taking them. Just put up a black background and have fun!

Somehow I have Shaunna's pics from her blog scrolling on MY pics on my sidebar! Help!

Greg's preaching Sunday. We just had Forrest Keener come preach--he is a joy! Pray for us as we seek a pastor. We are blessed with three godly men (and a young man) in our church, and all three of them can preach and teach.

This entry is like a shotgun--all over the place!
Beans turned 5 on Monday--our only grandson. I took him to eat at Chili's, and we had a great time. He had $9 burning a hole in his pocket, so we shopped for toys. He is precious--Emmie, tell me what you want and I'll buy it for you! We have a special bond, we do. He promised that when he grew to be a teenager he would still hold my hand in the mall (like we'll still have malls then!).
The weather! It's in the 80s today, after a low in the 30s, I think. A preview of coming attractions....
And that's how I get caught up on blogging. Sorry, guys. I love you.

Friday, February 02, 2007


A beautiful reality. A few days ago I was listening to "the flag-waver special" on my favorite station, and they played God Bless America. Great song. And I was brought back to my childhood, when I sang God Bless My Underwear. And I wept. What an ungodly fool I was! I now, by grace, KNOW and LOVE this God, and I belong to Him for eternity. He has ONLY been good to me! (I weep now as I write.) And there I was, so lost, taking His beautiful name IN VAIN. I deserve hell. I deserve separation from God. Yet He had mercy on me, and forgave me my foolish ungodliness. He won't hold the one guiltless who takes His name in vain, it says in the Ten Commandments. Christ, my love, the Fairest of the fair, took my punishment.

What does one do with SUCH love, such forgiveness? Does one continue in the same transgression, trusting there will be forgiveness still? As Paul says, God forbid! "But there is forgiveness with thee, that thou mayest be FEARED."

If the forgiveness we believe we have leads us to continue in sin and being perfectly content in that position, we do not have that forgiveness! Christ's forgiveness produces not only cleansing, but holiness. Only God can help us to have a right view of ourselves, and a right view of Him who is Holy. Only a new birth can give us such a heart to desire such things for our lives. May we walk before the Lord and be pleasing to Him. May He guard our mouths and our hearts--how desperately I need Him to!

Thank you, Lord, for forgiveness, for being CLEAN before you. How did I LIVE before this? I DIDN'T. I was worse than a walking dead person--I was actively wicked, and lived my life contrary to God.

But what about the person who says, "THAT wasn't me; I've always been a good and a nice person"? One preacher said, "When God saved me, He reached down BELOW the murderer, the child molester, the adulterer, the thief--He reached down to me in MY SELF-RIGHTEOUSNESS." The GREATEST commandment is to love the Lord our God with all we have; if we do not do that, we are the GREATEST sinner, no matter how much we try to be and look good and proper. We ALL lived our lives contrary to God before we came to know Him--NO man seeks after God. God doesn't see as Man sees: He looks on the heart.

How can you LIVE without Him? How can you teach your children right from wrong when they start asking? What example will you give them? Where can you go for help when there is no help? May God show us our desperate need of Himself!

I thank the Lord for showing me--a proud, stupid, foolish, ungodly punk (this is NOT an exaggerated description!)--His grace and His forgiveness. Glory to God!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Happy February! and my shelves....

I FINALLY got my shelves! What a great husband I have. And they were just as I pictured them in my mind. I had a great time this morning putting stuff in them.