Saturday, July 15, 2006

The Adventures of Emmie

Wowie! Part-time mommy for 2 weeks! I'm thoroughly enjoying Ian and Sarah here. I sure don't have the energy I used to.... It has been good for me, and hopefully for them and their mommy and daddy. Grandpa's having a good time, too. Our patience isn't what it used to be, either.... I guess it's because we don't usually have so MANY opportunities to exhibit it in the course of a day. So many things I would have like to have done differently, or in addition, in training my children while they were home. The Lord knows.... More later on the Adventures of Emmie.


Rebekah said...

Well, Emmie, I'm sure you are doing a wonderful job! The Lord has a way of using children to show us our weknesses, doesn't He? I know that I see my own everyday with Ryan...patience being just one in a long list!!! Hang in there, Sis! Love you!

Rebekah said...

PS...I really do know how to spell!