Friday, August 04, 2006

Welcome Home!

Boy, howdy! I thought I was gonna have to start Blog #3 because I forgot my blogspot password in Georgia. It's good to be home, where I'm already logged in. Good thing.

Georgia! Land of New Baby Grands and Little People and Humidity. AND reasonable temperatures.

I was so sweetly introduced to Naomi Joy, age almost 2 months, shortly after arriving in Georgia. But first I must tell you about the flight! Hold on, little baby--be right back!

THE FLIGHT! Good thing Sarah came along with us and The Papa, as we really needed her! What a sacrifice--riding to D/FW in the back of the Mitsubishi between two car seats! True love. Two rolling suitcases, 2 carseats (one which comes apart extremely inconveniently!), a carry-on bag that leaked water all through the terminal (should've put the water in bottles: hindsight!), and two children: Ian, 4, and little Sarah, 2. The airport was packed (what's new), and I had no clue how to do the etickets. Good thing The Papa had to go to The Potty! He parked, and he and Sarah came in with us. They waited with the chillins while I figured out the etickets (what a convenience! You should've seen the LINES!!), and I called them to bring everything and everybody over (how did we EVER live before cell phones?!). Lovely check-in, and we said goodbye. As in Goodbye, carseats! Joy! (What a pain.)

THEN we had a 3-hour wait. The kids, to their credit, were great. To my credit, I was great, filling the carry-on bag with TREATS and new toys and other cool things. The little darlings played with their wind-up cars in the corner for a good amount of time, ate an amazing number of Nutri-Grain bars, and tried to talk me out of many bags of those fruit-chewy thingies. I thought to myself, if they get airsick, I don't even want to be on the same PLANET! GAK! I myself (how redundant, but makes sense in context) was forearmed with chewable Dramamine (technically, Bonine--not to be confused with all things cow-ish).

I am very grateful that my grandchildren have cast-iron bladders. I pictured my worst nightmare for this trip: "I have to go potty" on the plane! Those bathrooms are SMALL, and I could picture one of them HOWLING while I took the other one and left one behind to torture the neighboring passengers. And they kept asking for drinks the whole time at the airport, AND on the plane--water, Sprite. I prayed a lot. I don't know that they've gone potty yet. Beautiful children. They were great about flying, and we decided the clouds looked like marshmallow fluff, which is the marshmallow stuff in a jar (perfect with peanut butter sandwiches, a concoction which I introduced them to this visit. Try it.).

More on the next blog. I wonder if they fine you for making your entries too long....


Linda said...

Hi Vivi,
I get so excited when I see that someone has left a comment on my site! I am so new at this, but I love it already. Sarah has left me such sweet, encouraging comments.
I sense we are kindred spirits. It seems we have much in common. I was beginning to feel like the "old lady" of blogging reading all the posts written by young moms (not that I don't enjoy reading them immensely - I am amazed at how wonderfully wise and sensible these young women are). I'm glad I'm not the only grandma in the group:)
I love your post and can sympathize. There are so many things for little ones these days we never had. I feel like such a dummy when I can't figure out how to get them buckled in to their carseats or how to fold up those strollers! It makes traveling anywhere a major operation with all the things we need to bring along. However, all that said - grandchildren are the absolute best. All the joy and none of the hard discipline stuff. I feel it my duty to be the push-over and leave all that "stuff" to mommy and daddy:)
Thanks so much for reading my post and commenting. I'm looking forward to getting to know you better. Linda

sarahdodson said...

Great post, Pwe. It's a good story. Thanks for a nice day and for treating me to Bahama Bucks- yummy! Glad to have you back in TX. Love you:)

Put Your Faith Back into Action said...

lovely post for reals and the rest are to and that would be bad if they fine for long posts cause i know i'd get alot of those well anyways like I said lovely. (:)

Linda said...

Hi Vivi,
It's me again. Thanks for reading my silly writing and leaving a comment. This is so much fun.
Our church is one of those mega-churches. I think the membership is somewhere around 8000. For a girl who was raised in a small Baptist church and then attended a small country church when I was married and moved to another community, it is a huge switch. It is a wonderful church. Somehow we are all made to feel like we are a special part of the body. Small groups play a huge part. We literally have a directory of small groups to choose from. If you have an interest in anything at all there is a group for you (biking, motorcycles, quilting, scrapbooking, exercise, all kinds of Bible Study - and the list goes on and on). The small groups are the place you find the relationships we all need. There are also life groups which do all sorts of couseling and support groups. Our Pastor is a down-to-earth guy who gives us practical teaching from the Word. spite of missing the old hymns (we have learned to love the praise music and even joined the choir last year) - we love this church!

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Linda said...

It was so good to hear from you again. I was actually (my three year old granddaughter's favorite new word) thinking about you the other day. Can't wait to read what you have "stored up".