Thursday, September 27, 2007

Wasn't THAT Fun?

(Thanks, Rebekah!)

Welcome back, friends. All moved in and the baby grands and co. are headed over here tomorrow. YES! (Pardon my joy!)

I still have so much unpacking to do. Greg refs tonight and tomorrow, so I have some time alone to tackle it all. Sigh. It will be SO nice when it's all done.

We continue to be SO blessed at church--check out the link and take some time to listen to a good sermon. I recommend all the ones in English, unless you're proficient in German, also. I'm uploading the sermons on Sunday evening and loving it--and hopefully next week I can get back to learning how to work on the web site. Technical difficulties (named Pee Wee, btw). Soon!

All's well at the Risses'. I started walking up and down the floors of the apartment building every morning--good opportunity to pray for all these dear people. Pray for me as I seek to minister to them and share my precious Lord. God put us in a GOOD place. I am thankful!

Finished The Anatomy of Secret Sins, now I'm off to Charity and Its Fruits, by Jonathan Edwards. Very good read! (I think our pastor is trying to plug the big holes in my armor!)

Good night to all. To comment is to love, and remember, if you're in the neighborhood, nothing says "I'm thinking of you" like Sonic ice. (Does anybody read this?)


Rebekah said...

Consider yourself "read"!!!
Thanks for the hospitality yesterday! I enjoyed your company and your home. I'm glad Brandon behaved so well for you. :)
Love to you and yours...see you soon!

sarahdodson said...

Of course people read this, Pwe! AND, it's a good one! Good job on the walking. Whooo hoo for you! :) maybe we can walk together again this week. I LOVE doing that with you.

Don't you love those Ledbetters?? If only they could keep the noise level a little lower- ha! :)


Jamie Butts said...

I'm a reader. I love Sonic ice. Back to work... :)

Put Your Faith Back into Action said...

Yor are read and good to know you got settled in. (:)