Wednesday, October 10, 2007

"The Boys"

We finally got a visit from "the boys" and the oldest granddaughter, and it was great to see them! After Firstborn conquered in pool and arm-wrestling (because, as we all know, where there are two or more Risses, there IS a competition!), we ate and visited. They sure like those cabbage rolls. Those healthy boys. Miss K, in 3rd grade, is almost as tall as I am! Sweet, sweet girl.


sarahdodson said...

Wow, there we all are! It's kinda hard to comment when you don't POST.

I didn't hear about the arm wrestling contest. Wish I could've witnessed it. rats.

Come see me and do some printin'. Love you loads!

Grace said...

okay. i need to comment on your post, mom. i'm the person that kept telling you to post the pictures, and i will say that i love them! i'm so jealous that i wasn't there but thanks for the pictures. kalee is HUGE!! crazy. well, love you mom. call me sometime and tell dad i don't want y'all to be such strangers to the ledbetters. we miss you.