Monday, October 15, 2007

Yes, I may consider myself a hero...

...because I saved three lives today. I gave blood! Finally! I have been prevented the last few times because of my blood pressure, but now, with medication, I was able to give. AND I have the tee shirt (finally!) to prove it! It even says Super Hero on it. Jody always gets tee shirts and I don't, until today. Yes!

My fellow Aspiring Amateur Geek, Jake, took some great pics with my NEW camera (don't I trust him?!): Not bad. He definitely has potential. I do the uploading of sermons for our church, and Jake tapes and converts them to whatever and puts them on my flash drive. We aspire.

Thus ends an exciting day in the life of the Risse!


Grace said...

i'm jealous. it's hard to get there with three crazy kids. and i'm finally not pregnant or nursing so i'd say i'm about due for a blood donation. thanks for the sacrifice. i think you're a hero. love you.

sarahdodson said...

Hi there, Hero, you! You are one special lady. Thank you for giving your blood. One gave His blood for us- the greatest hero of all times, to be sure. Love you!