Tuesday, June 26, 2007

It's Working! and Forgiveness

God has done a wondrous thing. The surgery is working! Greg, my love, slept WELL last night, as he has since he had the surgery. I have wept tears of joy over this. I get a new husband when he gets back from Minnesota! He's RESTED. Glory to God. And, with the scar tissue forming, he will only get better!

Our wonderful new pastor is preaching through the Lord's Prayer, and he is on the verse about forgiveness. It was pretty quiet as he spoke during Sunday School. I think that's an area with which we've all struggled. Very convicting. And he's going to do a few more weeks on the subject, and we are excited about that.

I love his burden to teach us about prayer. This is an area where I need all the instruction I can get! His sermons thereon have been excellent. We are working on getting them in mp3 format, so maybe they can be put online. In the meantime, you can hear him at sermonaudio.com, under Audey Shepard. He is a joy.

Off to enjoy my "mini vacation," with Greg being in Minnesota and I here. T, our pastor's son, is here with me, so it's a little different than being alone. Homemade egg rolls tonight. You're invited. Hurry, but don't speed!

God is good, even in the hardest thing He has ever sent into our lives. He will "sanctify to thee thy deepest distress." May Jesus Christ be praised!


sarahdodson said...

A new look, eh? Surprise, surprise.

EGG ROLLS tonight!! Yay!! :) Thanks for the invite. We're planning on NOT speeding. Can I bring some dessert??


Praise the Lord about Papa- wheee!

Put Your Faith Back into Action said...

Praise God.