Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Latest (and it ain't all that)

Hello, bloggity friends! The latest: Greg has retired for now--he was having periods of uncontrollable I-have-to-go-to-sleep-NOW, which is dangerous for anyone, let alone one who drives people around for a living.

He finally won two in a row in Scrabble--about time. He was getting squelched!

And the house inspector has been here--how fun. Period. (Nice guy, for what it's worth....) And the plumber and foundation guy came to give estimates. We're learning more than we want to know about our beautiful home. Sigh. But it's ok.

And we have a WONDERFUL realtor. I recommend her highly. Let me know if you need one. She's been outstanding. A person who returns calls--imagine. And actually answers her phone if she's there! I may get her autograph before it's all over.

AND our pastor and family found a HOUSE! Glory to God. And what a house it is! HUGE! I think he'll have to hand out maps at the door so we don't get lost. Nice landscaping and back yard to boot. The Lord answered exceeding abundantly above all I asked or thought. But that's just like Him. Can't wait to get some REAL German food in me!

And we're having a Bible conference the weekend of the 7th of July. Come one, come all! Forrest Keener and John Sytsma should be preaching. Both of those men are [joys(?), a joy(?)]. Let's rephrase: It's a joy to hear and know both men! (How's that?)

And I'm still reading II Peter every day, and, for a change, decided to try to read it in Spanish. I can read Spanish because I can read English (never learned Spanish in school). I have to read out loud to understand what it says. Anyway, when I finished Chapter 1, I decided to translate it into English from Spanish--a fun thing to do (my computer did it, lest you think I AM gifted and talented, as some of my friends are)! In Verse 1, it says: ...our Savior, Jesus Christ. In Spanish, it says Senor, which is, obviously, the Spanish word for Savior. But, when you translate it into Spanish (where it says, Salvador Jesucrist0), it translated to OUR MR. JESUS. I love it!

(Any English teacher would be having FITS with every paragraph starting with AND. Bad Pee Wee.)

SO (another bad word with which to start a paragraph), off I go to cook supper. Fish sticks and french fries (yes, fried). Come join us. They're even Schwan's, which are REAL. Good night, Bloggity World! God is good.


sarahdodson said...

I think it'd be- they are both a joy. The way you rephrased it seems to have worked out good enough:)

I hope we can make it to your Bible meetings. I'm eager to hear Bro. Audey preach! I've heard only good;)

FRIED?? I thought you and dad liked to BAKE. Hmmm... maybe that's just me. oh well.

Tomorrow's payday. Wheee!

Much love to you, Pwe. Good job on your posting, Miss I-NOW-LOVE-THE-RODEO-QUEEN.

sarahdodson said...

First to comment on yours, first to comment on Boomama's.


ps. Hi, DAD!

Grace said...

hi, momma. i though the bad word was going to be "move." sure do miss you. that little supper you had last night sounds swell. wish i could have joined you. unfortunately, it's a little crazy to make 1 trip to bwood a week. too much, i say. too much. fixing to go get my tiny nap in. i have a feeling the tornado's a comin'. and by tornado, i mean ian. obviously. love you.

Put Your Faith Back into Action said...

rhyou gifted and talented. hmm are your sure about that. I'm just kidding I know you are and yeah our God is an awesome God. And oh my gosh did you say spanish? Not theres anything wrong with it I took it last year and still don't know what I learned means but yeah I surpisngly passed and I think the teacher just likes me. I'm kidding I actually did the work and understood some of it but all is good and keep on reading. Later. (:)