Thursday, June 21, 2007


Good afternoon, bloggity friends!

My dear husba had surgery yesterday for his sleep apnea. We traveled to Duncanville, where the surgeon inserted four stabilizers, approximately this long: ------ into his soft palate. These will stiffen the tissue there, and, as scar tissue forms, firm it up some more, so it won't fall into his airway as he sleeps. If it works, the best part is no more cessation of breathing at night, many times a night (he's been told 400 at his sleep study!), and did I tell you the best part is NO MORE SNORING? I couldn't decide which one to capitalize! He slept 7 hours straight last night, and, believe me, that hasn't happened in months, maybe a year. The full results will be known in 3 months. Let's see what happens. So far, excellent!

The bad part is the anesthesia wore off. Greg went golfing after we got home and felt great until afterwards, where the pain hit him. He was almost on his knees. Poor baby. (For those of you who know me as the Founding Mother of the Sisters of Compassion, you know there IS a time to be compassionate! Such times ARE few and far between, however....) He was feeling somewhat better earlier, and he just left for a long walk. CC kindly invited us over for supper. Greg leaves tomorrow for Minnesota; he will meet our Mike at D/FW and drive from there together. I like that plan! They're going to visit Greg's folks for a week. Mike's wife so generously gave him up for that time.

We're waiting to hear that our buyer's loan got approved. We should know by tomorrow. They have 2/3 of the price down, so it's hard to imagine it not going through. God is good!

Our pastor and family will be moving here next Thursday! Yippee! I cannot tell you what a joy they've ALL been (all 3 of them)! We love them, and look forward to seeing what God is going to do with His church in Coleman, TX.

Off to straighten up before going to CC's. In case you, my fans, are so forgetful, Canada Day is coming up. Be prepared!

Love to all you dear bloggers!


Cole said...

Glad your hubbys better.
Sounds busy at your place. :-)
And I am glad there IS compassion!
I remeber the day I met you and you told me you were the head of the sisters of compassion!!! and then you told me what it meant.... hahaha love you! :-D

love ya

Rebekah said...

Praise the Lord for a good outcome!
And no more snoring...fringe benefits-- gotta love 'em!
I'm so happy that the Shepards are finally coming! YAY!!! Looking forward to the meetings too!
Pray for me about special music...I need time to practice-- Kinda hard to do with an 8 week old who has decided that grumpy is a new life ambition! hehe Love him lots though!
Love you...see you soon and will miss you on Sunday.

Put Your Faith Back into Action said...

I am so glad that hes doing better and for not snoring. Well anyways I hope your doing well and I'll talk to you later so goodnight. And hey you got the house to yourself so PARTY TIME!!!! JK well ttyl. (:)

sarahdodson said...

Pwe's posting!! Yay!! :)

And another new look. of course.
good job, ma!

Sounds like Dad's procedure is a success so far. It's wonderful to hear. I'm off to bed for a few more minutes before trying to make a quiche. (Why is it so hard to find a recipe for a simple quiche???)