Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Good morning, world! We have a new pastor! God is so faithful. We are looking forward to them moving here, and getting to know them. We are thrilled!

Got to take some baby-toes pics, and one came out so nice, if I may say so. Hope the mama likes it. My camera was accidentally kidnapped, and I didn't have it for 2 weeks. I was going nuts--Kodak moments flying by. I about kissed it when I got it back Saturday. I've taken a LOT of pics since then! Weeds, toes, roses, flowers, baby grands, more weeds, more baby grands.

We're so-bittersweetly announcing the sale of our home. The Papa's health is growing very poor, and we need to go somewhere where he can rest. We will use the proceeds to let him take a year-long break, to work on his eating habits, sleep!, and perhaps see about surgery for his apnea. Hopefully he will be a new man after this year, or at least an improved one. So, if you haven't been over lately, head over here before we move! Say when.

I am thankful to be released from recovery from my hysterectomy. I was allowed to do NOTHING for 6 weeks--no exercise, nothing repetitive, no heavy lifting, no heavy housework. And I am now a slug. I have no strength. I tried to run 1/10 of a mile and about croaked (with proper warm-up and preparation). That's pretty sorry. I am now trying to get back at least to where I was before. Fun times on the exercise ball coming up! GAK.

Finished up mowing our 5 acres (on the riding mower, for which I am very thankful!), and it's about time to start mowing again! We have had SO much rain! I think we're about 5" over our yearly average, and it's only mid-May. I'm loving it. Soaking myself with mosquito repellant when I'm outside. Vicious critters. They love P*erto Rican blood.

This entry would make a good case for speed-reading, or maybe even skimming. Sorry, guys.

The Baby and family are on their way. We're trying to perfect the shortest, non-constructionest way to McKinney and back. I think we have it. It's great if you don't mind toll roads. It takes me a little more than 3 hours. Not too shabby.

The Firstborn got to talk to a large group of international CEOs recently, and his speech, through Toastm*sters was on eating healthy. He said, You know what was so ironic about it? I said, Let me guess: They were eating steaks while listening! Close. BBQ ribs. "Question and Answer Time" was interesting....

Off to cook! Good night, all!


sarahdodson said...

Now this I like, Pwe. Very well done. I'm tre happy for you to have your camera back and in working order. You are quite the photographer, I must say.

I like the story of Paul and the ribs- hee hee!

Gotta love those Ledbetters. That Grace; it's kinda hard to count on her, eh? Well, not really. Just in the running dept. She's great though. I kinda like her:)

I'm sorry about the house, but Lord willing, dad can get some much needed rest for his body. How I love him. It was fun having him over for lunch today:)

Thanks for sharing your okra with me. !

Hey, don't give up on the exercising thing. Try the new breathing method; it's working wonders for me. Ask dad for more details.

Love you!! Thanks for being the most terrific mamasita on earth! :)

Rebekah said...

The mommy definitely loved the toes pictures! I have them posted everywhere! hehe

I'm sad about your house, but the Lord willing this will be a good move for you and your hubby. He certainly needs the rest!

Love to you and yours!

Cole said...

So where are you guys moving to?
Love ya!!!

oh and those toe pictures were so precious!!!!!!!!

Put Your Faith Back into Action said...

Yes the Lord is very faithful and we got a new youth pastor as well. Well I'm gona miss ya.

Jamie Butts said...

Good update. I like hearing what's going on in your world. Glad you have a pastor! Have fun on that work out ball. You can do it. Do NOT feel guilty about running. When you are back up to par, you can work your way in. Walking's realy nice, too.
Love ya!