Friday, April 03, 2009

Days 5 and 6

Dash spent the morning outside, which decreased my stress level considerably. I got a lot done here.

Enjoyed a nice, uneventful day with Abby, who had a major accomplishment, of which I will spare you the details, for the sake of TMI, but we are HAPPY! I think we did a Happy Dance to celebrate. The subject is potty training, and that's all I'll say. Progress is so nice.

I wish you could hear the kids read, especially Ian. I am crazily impressed, and he's just in 1st grade. He is so sharp. I enjoy doing homework with the kids, but the reading can get kinda tedious, especially the same book, same pages, round 3. 

Dean and Grace are coming home tonight! Whee! And my dear husband, for whom I have such a hankerin'. I miss that guy. Even willing to be entertained by the "symphony of the nose" from now on. I like that guy. A third of a century together--unreal. Getting better every day.

The kids will be home in a half hour, and the games begin. Let's hear it for FRIDAY! Yay!

Love you much, my 3 faithful readers. One can't have too many bloggity friends.

Thanks to the "prayers" for the prayers. They availed much! I needed them.


Shaunna said...

Glad the week went well!! I'm sure the kiddos had lots of fun with you!! :]

Sure wish I could go to Cancun for a week- Sounds WONDERFUL! Hope Grace and Dean enjoyed it!

Laura said...

you'll need a vacation soon!

sarahdodson said...

What a sweet mommy! Where can I get one like that?? Wait! I have one! YOU! :)