Thursday, April 02, 2009

Day 4

Wonderfully undramatic. Abby and I went to Ross to check out the deals. I'm hunting for a white shirt that is not see-through. Tough assignment.

We had R and D over for supper last night. I made jambalaya. It was a hit. Good stuff. They are so dear. Good friends of Dean and Grace. Beautiful children, too!

And I awoke to the sound of rain! Bliss...and to Abby saying, at 5 AM, Emmie, I woke up. No. I sent her back to bed. 

It was a very enjoyable day. Oh, yes, we went to the park, where Ian promptly kicked a soccer ball into a big kid's face. Hard. (If you know Ian, it was hard.) And the kid walked away and sat under one of the bridges in the playground. I was impressed. You know it HAD to hurt--badly.

It's Thursday morning, and the kids will be back tomorrow night, and so will Gregory to pick me up! I'm so looking forward to their return, but I'm having a great time with my baby grands.

And I'm sleeping like 10 rocks, as a little friend of mine used to say. No "symphony of the nose" all night. And I'm loving that, though I do miss my husband and our nocturnal talks. The best!

Off to read. Have a blessed day, all!


sarahdodson said...

Sounds wonderful. :) Dad's going to get you tomorrow night?? Cool! Love the updates. I feel very unpopular these days with you and Grace... ;)

Heather said...

Sounds like things have calmed down a bit from day 1. Glad things are going so well!