Friday, March 13, 2009

Three Wonders, and More

Ever hear what seems to be the most horrible news about a dear friend, grieve, cry, pray--and see God do a miracle? How about three? I have, and I want to give all the glory to God. Incredible, unless you consider that we're talking about my God, with whom NOTHING is impossible.

One of my dearest friends in the world is an RN (not you, Hassan). She is the type that can get the both of you almost kicked out of the plastic surgeon's office for uncontrollable laughter, followed by the receptionist coming over and saying, Aren't WE having a great time!? [First of all, before our dear brother Audey, I HATED it when people would say WE--as in: Waitress: Are WE enjoying our meal? WELL, sweetie, come take a bite of my burger and we'll put our opinions together and come up with an answer (and don't I look like the sweetest Christian sister sitting there while I'm thinking this?!)]!

(Anyway, how did I get off into that?) She's the kind that you could play Taboo with and CONQUER, because you just understood each other so well it was uncanny. She's also the kind you can confide in, and she has such love and wisdom that she helps you. And cries with you, and prays for you. The kind you work together with in the jail ministry, striving to reach those dear lady prisoners (while trying not to laugh out loud when one yells, Shut up, already (to another prisoner)--can't you see we're having CHURCH!? Whoo hoo! Fun times!). Your charter member of the Sisters of Compassion (ha!), of which you are the Founding Mother. And, years later, you can call after way too long and pick up right where you left off, knowing the love is there and you have prayed for each other all that time. And the kind you miss so much it hurts. How I love her! She has an excellent testimony, has boldness and compassion with/for her patients, and HELPS them as they die. And she loves the Lord Jesus Christ with all she is, and her favorite hymn is Be Still, My Soul. As well it should be, as you will see shortly.

My dear friend used to be very overweight, otherwise known as morbidly obese. She had surgery to help, and had an INCREDIBLE amount of complications and surgeries afterwards to repair so many things that went wrong. She almost died because she wasn't absorbing her nutrients, and had to have a feeding tube inserted, all the while working, sick nigh-unto-death, because she HAD to have the insurance.

Lots of tests! And the devastating verdict(s): The cause of the problem is: you have scleraderma (a HORRIBLE painful, fatal disease--look it up), lupus (ask anyone who has it), and hepatitis C! That would explain her horrible health! She accepted this diagnosis with amazing grace and a soul stilled by the Lover of her soul. And she continued ministering and working and blessing the Lord. And being a testimony to her dear lost surgeon, who has the opposite of her attitude. (Pray for him!)

And then, a call from the rheumatologist. And she calls me and tells me all that's going on, and I have to ASK her how she's doing with it all, and THEN, almost at the end of the conversation, she tells me the rheumatologist told her (AMAZING GRACE!) that she had THREE false-positives, because of the state of her nutrition (I don't know the right term for it)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How wonderful would it be to know you didn't have hepatitis C, OR lupus, OR scleraderma! How about all THREE!? Astounding! I about fell to my knees crying--I couldn't stop. How I love that girl! Great God of Wonders! Who is a pardoning God like Thee, or who has grace so rich and free? Bless the LORD, O my soul!

I love you, Pat.


sarahdodson said...

Beautiful woman, beautiful story. I'm glad you shared this.
Thanks for yesterday.
you are the specialist!

Heather said...

WOW. What an amazing God we have. It is good to trust in Him.