Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Hello, bloggity friends! All's well here--awaiting a thunderstorm, which would be fabulous.

I've been so busy lately. Just got back from traveling for Spring Break--OK and McK. Lovely time. Came home to the stomach bug. Both of us. Yuck. And I'm continuing proofreading a book for our friend--what an adventure that's turned out to be. I'm loving it.

And then I'm headed north to spend a week with the baby grands while the parents go on vacation. I'm glad for them to get away--he works so hard, and so does she! Break time!

And next month (probably) I'm headed to SD, to help out my precious daughter-in-love as she brings our little Bethany into the world, while enjoying the other three (not to mention Mike!). I may even learn to play chess while I'm up there. We'll sure have time enough.

Mom's doing well; hanging in there. I love the nursing home. I'd move in there if I could (almost). Precious, precious folk. And to think I used to HATE that place--Greg would go and take the kids and I'd stay home. I used to feel so helpless and useless there. Amazing the changes God can make.

Off to proofread before prayer meeting tonight. Greg is teaching tonight, so I'm looking forward to that.

I hope to be posting more faithfully. And I might even post some pics sometime.

Love to all. Wasn't this exciting?


Laura said...

post some pics of your travels! did you get my email about the camera?

sarahdodson said...

Glad to have you back, mama:) I'd LOVE to get a little thunderstorm today; oh, wouldn't it be loverly?

You are sweet!

Grace said...

hi mom! okay, so when you bring up the fact that you're coming to mck this weekend, i get super excited! thank you so much!! see you saturday, right? love you!!!

Anonymous said...

Okay, so we are all very excited about Bethany Hope and I do expect (please, please) for you to post pictures of her as quick as you can!!! You will have to let all of us Georgia folks get to see her as soon as possible! Take care of them for us! All of the Risse babies have had quite a crowd at the hospital waiting on them to be bornand shortly after, so we will be waiting on the computer for updates and pictures. We will all be there in love and in spirit! Glad that you will be able to share this time with them!

Love always,
Tabitha (Misty's best friend since kindergarten)

Misty said...

I go to the Dr. tomorrow afternoon and will let you know if we get any news. I have been reading how they induce most diabetic moms because of the risk. I am asking if that is in her plans?? We will see. We too have a bug! love you