Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Welcome Home to Me!

South Dakota was wonderful! Little Luke is a joy, the girls are so big and so precious, and Mike and Misty are the Hospitality Reigning Monarchs! The weather was exquisite (translate: COLD) and the scenery was lovely (translate: SNOW).

But, seeing as I can't stop coughing, I think a trip to Angelo tomorrow to the base is in order. I am miserable, cough-wise, but the good news is that's the only thing going on. (Hard to tell if you have a fever if you also have hot flashes!) They are great on base, so hopefully I'll get some help. Got some stuff to take care (somewhat) of the symptoms, but I need the real stuff to knock this out. I've been like this for more than 2 weeks.

Sorry we'll miss the nursing home visit tomorrow. Precious folks there, and we haven't seen our pastor in 2 weeks. Get to see his sweet wife, too, who had to go to Germany during the same time.

Our dear Sarah made some awesome jambalaya for our return home yesterday--delicious! It was SO good to see my Early family again. And Miggy liked her Mushabelly (should've gotten Greg one), which is a furry ball that looks like a ladybug and makes a chattering-type sound when you squeeze its belly. It's named Leena.

Spell-Check is saying "should've" isn't a word?! Who knew?

Off to bed so I can call early and get an appointment tomorrow. Love to all! The love must be going somewhere else, as I'm not getting any comments except for my "old faithfuls," who know I am so thankful for them.


Misty said...

Its me again, like I do not have anything else to do besides playing on the computer all day:) Seriously I have tons to do! I hope you get to feeling better, let us know what the Dr. says.
love you

Grace said...

welcome back, momma. even though i haven't seen you, i have felt the presence of you being back in texas with this nice warm weather. thanks for sharing your warm heart with all of us. hopefully i will get to see you in a couple of weeks. still trying to figure that thing out. but i love you and hope that medicine of your starts kicking in. call anytime.

sarahdodson said...

Welcome home, mamalou. So glad you had an enjoyable visit with the Risses. Aren't they special??

Mikayla REALLY likes Leena. I literally LedOL when you said you should've gotten dad a mushabelly. Seriously, it's one of the cutest toys I've ever seen:) Thanks!

ps.Maybe your lack of comments is due in part to the commenter having to type out a paragraph for the word verification thingy. Just an idea.

Christy said...

Just dropped by to "love". :)

Cindy said...

Hey you get better soon. I miss you guy's. We had such a great time with the kids and grand babies. I love it when they come. Everyone was feeling under the weather though poor little Brandon he felt the worse and then Ryan started feeling bad. Casey & I have been fighting it too. Today I have been getting nauseated and my throat is sore and OH the sneezing and blowing the nose thing it's awful my poor nose. Hey check out my blog the kids got me a sewing machine and I love it I'm making quilts, nursing blankets, baby blankets and place mats are all coming soon. I posted the practice one I hve done baby quilts by hand but never by machine it makes it soooo much easier and faster. Got to go Love you!!!