Tuesday, December 11, 2007

South Dakota Risses

Aren't they precious? Little Luke is in there somewhere. He sleeps a lot, so I haven't been able to have a good photo shoot with him. It's beautiful here, everyone(with the exception of yours truly) is in Minnesota, as I started to get sick (fixing to be in full bloom, probably tonight). They are going for Misty and the children to meet Greg's parents. They've not seen one of their great-grands on Greg's side, and that equals 10. I hope they're having a great time together. Must be, as they won't call me back. I have a car, snow, medicine, and reading material and prayer requests. Should keep me busy. And the computer--yay!

More later, as El Bloggo won't let me post pics each time I try. And I'm only in the mood to try twice.

Miss us! We'll be back next week. I miss my Early Dodsons and the apartment, but it's GOOD to be here! As Miggy says, HOME! HOME!


    sarahdodson said...

    I like that pic. I'm with Miggy, HOME, HOME. Isn't that where y'all belong?? Get here ASAP, please. I'm getting something they call cabin fever. I did get to go to the post office yesterday to buy some stamps, so that was nice.

    Hope you feel better soon:)


    Misty said...

    I guess by the time you read this you will be home and we will be missing you, we do not get to see you near as much as we would love. Thanks for coming, we love you like crazy!