Tuesday, December 04, 2007


I'm gonna miss almost all of you as we head to South Dakota tomorrow. Please pray for our pastor's wife--her mom is dying in Germany, and she's flying there tomorrow to say good-bye to her. How sad. Pray for the words she needs as she ministers to her mom and her sister, and others in the family. For salvation!

And please pray for our trip--haven't checked the weather yet, but we ARE going to spend the night with the baby grands and their parents on the way! Yes!

We're not gonna miss the South Dakota Risses, as we're gonna go see them! A new grandson. If I'm true to form, I will burst out crying when I see him, and Misty and I will have us a good cry together. God is good!

Love to all. Miss us!


sarahdodson said...

Oh, you'd better enjoy that new baby boy. sigh. must be nice. I'm SO happy for you that you'll be seeing him very soon, Lord willing! How fun. Have a good cry for me, too, b/c when I see him, I'll have some tears of my own, I'm quite sure.

You will be missed. LOVE YOU!

Misty said...

SO happy that we are going to get some time with you. look foward to seeing you.
love you