Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Isn't she lovely?

Cuteous girl, eh? Raise your hand if you can't believe that Sarah and Christy let her gum that nasty, dirty bench! GAK!

Today is one of my first days home in more than 2 weeks. I LOVE being home! My foot hurts today, so it's not a good day to be climbing the ladder to strip wallpaper border. NOTE: If you have any kind of liking for yourself, or for others, DO NOT put up wallpaper borders, except with staples, as Sarah and I did in her kitchen. Can't see them.

I'm in a reArranging mood, as a cute little friend used to call it. My most favorite photo (other than family) of the lighthouse in the storm has been relocated. The dear B family gave it to us when they saw my admiring it in the "Christian" book store. It is so beautiful. Must be the moving so often that "moves" me to reArrange furniture, since, joy!, it doesn't look like we're moving anytime soon.

This might get the prize for the most boring entry ever! Hang in there with me; I'll get inspired again soon, I hope (don't you?)!

Yours and His,
Vivian, aka Emmie and Pee Wee


Christy said...

That wasn't boring at all! Espeically since there was pic of dearest Mikayla. Hope your foot feels better. :)

sarahdodson said...

Hi, sweet Pwe. I agree with CC. Not boring at all:) Glad you got some rearranging done- we need your help with ours. And you stayed home YESTERDAY, right? Oh, maybe not if you count the trip to get the farm-fresh eggs:) Love you!