Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Back Home

Let's see what "Georgia" font looks like, as I was born there.

We're back home! I about got out and kissed the ground when we hit Texas. What a long, fun trip! It was our best ever, and our first sightseeing trip. Usually we go visit family or friends and come home.

Gregorio was a great sport, and drove most of the way. We had two days of 17+ hours in the car. Boy howdy. You really get to know each other with that much closeness! Not to mention the car is a Mitsubishi. Greg managed to crawl into the back seat while I was driving, which I tried to discourage, as I didn't care to have his foot whacking my head while I was trying to drive! He made it without mishap.

The first night we made it to McCook, Nebraska. Nice motel room--we managed to get "inexpensive" rooms when we didn't stay on base. We ate at more than one Perkins, which we really liked. Greg had to start with the comments to the waitress on who we are and this is Pee Wee and I didn't eat all this, though it was very good, because my tooth has been hurting. (They look at him so strangely.... At least he introduced me.) [A pet peeve: I HATE when waiters and waitresses introduce themselves! (We don't get enough time together to really bond.) And I HATE when they ask me how the food tastes! I think that is SO tacky and unprofessional. If I don't like it, they'll sure know it! And, as I seem to be unable to stop myself on pet peeves, I HATE when they ask, "What would WE like to eat today?" GAK! "Well, let's see what you're having, and I might just take a few bites off your plate, especially since you're buying...." ENUF!]

More later! Welcome home, Pee Wee!


Rebekah said...

Glad to have you home. Maybe I'll come see you on Friday or Saturday! Hugs!

Put Your Faith Back into Action said...

Glad u had a safe trip home and glad ur back and. (:)

sarahdodson said...

I'm ever so happy you're back home; you're the best! no lie;)

Grace said...

how come i'm the only one who isn't happy she's home? she needs to be in her real home, georgia. don't deny where you've come from momma. come home to me. can't wait until next month when you actually do. i miss you and love you and welcome "home."