Thursday, June 22, 2006

The Girl of my Dreams

Introducing my mom! Isn't she cute (on the left!)?! She is such a joy. I "kidnapped" her from the nursing home today so she could spend the night. Greg's in Angelo at Paul's, as he has a school workshop tomorrow, so the timing is excellent.

She is so precious! She is the most giving person I know.

And a mean domino player. We didn't grow up playing sports (obviously) when I was a kid, so my mom doesn't know about good sportsmanship, which is why she LAUGHS when she beats me or I have to pick up a bunch of dominos right before she goes out! We had a serious talk about that, but she still laughs, or, worse yet, tries to hold it in. I love her so.


Grace said...

mommalou, why is there a clown in your house? wierd. granny's so cute. sure do love her. good morning ladies.

Christy said...

Hey, well at least she doesn't call people "nasty" when they just do what they have to do... ;) It's okay.. I really do forgive you.. kinda.

Love you! Thanks for dinner last night.