Thursday, April 05, 2007


Sarah and I committed ourselves to reading The Bible in 90 Days. The final day is Monday! For various reasons, both of us got behind, and, wowie, have we been having marathon reading sessions! This has been so good for me! My attitude towards the Scripture has been enhanced (I would say "changed," but that's not the right word, as I had a good attitude before). Before, I found it difficult to read for long stretches at a time; my mind is so hyper, and it's hard for me to concentrate for a long time. But now, I LOVE to sit and READ, for a half hour or more at a time. I can see that when I finish this I will still be sitting down to read for a longer time on a daily basis.

I was greatly encouraged by a portion by John Piper on memorization, in which he encouraged us to memorize a book at a time. He even gave directions and suggestions. I want to do this after I finish 90 Days on Monday. I think I'm going to do Colossians. I find it very easy to memorize Scripture, for which I am VERY thankful, as I know it's a difficulty for many. I think the time commitment will be about the same as for 90 Days.
Everyone has been so kind to me as I recover from surgery. God is so good! I believe He has given me this time to come aside and rest, and it has been wonderful. After the 25th, I'm almost back to full speed, with just weight-lifting restrictions, as far as I know.
Greg has quit dairy products completely in an attempt to help his asthma/apnea. He sees an improvement already in less than a week. I found out he was really chugging those Chugs you get at the convenience store! Gak! I'm thankful for this change. The gal at the health food store said it was a good move for him.
Well, Risse goes in at 4:15 to pick up 2 in DeLeon who have to be at dialysis in Brownwood @ 6:30 AM, so he's getting up at 3 to work out before he goes in. I'm gonna be juicing some carrots and celery for him for the road--vile stuff--glad I'm not drinking it. He says it's stout, but it's good for him. So happy for you.
The pic above is not my place, alas. It's my neighbors' beautiful garden. They've invited me over to take pics, but I was surprised that only their irises and whatever-these-things-are were up at the time. I got some great pics from there last year. Neat folks.
The best to all. "To comment is to love." Selah.


sarahdodson said...

I see SOMEbody's been busy posting. Good for you, ma. Maybe Grace can catch the new post fever. doubt it.

I know what you mean about seeing yourself (after the 90 days) sitting and reading for longer periods of time. What a blessing all the reading (and listening on tape) has been to me! God's Word is just so good.

Hey, come see me sometime. Maybe tomorrow? :)

Nice pic of the garden. I'd like to go with you sometime and get some good shots together.

So happy for Papa quitting dairy. I hope it helps and I hope he continues with it. He's the best, eh? We sure love him.

Happy sleeping!

Love you!

Grace said...

don't forget about the sunflower in the backgroud, mom. it looks really healthy too. congrats on the 90 day thing. and tell dad i'm so proud of him for not eating any dairy. wow, that'd be hard for me to do. but if it helped me breath, i'd say it's worth it. love you mom. thanks for the post and i can't wait til you come visit me. missing you like crazy. i'd even come meet dad in granbury. or as dad would say, frisco. love you guys so much.