Saturday, April 14, 2007

Boo and Pretzels

Boo! I saw a side of my husba that I've never seen before. We've had a CUTE (but annoying) puppy hanging around the last couple of days. Hubby was going to do what country people do with stray dogs, but didn't have the heart. He came in all sheepish-looking and said, I couldn't do it; it climbed on my lap and looked into my eyes. If you knew my hubby.... He was mush. So now, at least until we move, we have a puppy--an OUTSIDE one. THEN he said, Let's give him a bath! Outside? I asked. No, in OUR TUB! (Too little oxygen to the brain, I think!) THEN came the warning: Pee Wee, they POOP! (Good thing; I thought we might have a defective one [as opposed to a defecating one! {noticed the closeness of the words as I typed "defective"}]). (Is a squiggly [oh, yeah--a BRACE!], a bracket, and a parenthesis in a row a record?)I think he meant to watch out when I walk around in the yard. Cheapie that I am, I thought, Surely there's a recipe online for DOG FOOD. (I mean, how cheap is a bag of generic puppy food, after all?) The result is Doggie Muffins. They are edible (by us, I mean); taste like (chicken! no!) biscuits. I wouldn't want them for a meal. But Boo (did you guess?) sure chowed them down. (Looking at the pic, I'm gonna have to get one after the Papa grows out his beard--they will match!)

I don't do well trying to post two pics at a time, so let's see where they end up.... Pretzels! Easy recipe--all ingredients shown, except that I brushed them with egg white before putting on the toppings. Quite sabroso!


sarahdodson said...

I LOVE the pic of Dad and the dog. He looks so happy. (Dad does) The dog looks pretty content, too. Mom, the whole thing is just hilarious! LOVE IT.

And good job on the pretzels. To quote an old friend of mine- "must be nice!" 'preciate the invite. You did them quite cutesie, too. Didja save me one or three?

You're special. Looking forward to McKinney!!!!! YAY! :)

sarahdodson said...

ps. Boo's a great name. Is it after Boomama??

Emmie said...

In honor of the same, though I do like the name Boo! YOU GOT an invite.... Oh, well.... Some pretzels ARE saved for you. Sigh. Have a blessed Lord's Day!

Put Your Faith Back into Action said...

awwwwww.... He is so cute. (the dog) (:)........ Well anyways hes just so adorable looking and the way you wrote it I just had to laugh cause it was funny. but anyways great post.