Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Welcome, Bethany Hope! God is good!

Hello, Fans! A shoutout to Sarah for the family pic; the one on my good camera is excellent, but Misty laptop won't take my card. Hang on!
And Tabitha, don't the kids look great in their shirts?
Luke is in love! He didn't want to let her go. Precious. And she looks like my mom! Dark hair! Cutie! Luke looks gigantic next to her.
Thank you, Lord, for a safe labor and delivery! And thank you for your prayers.
The very grateful Emmie
PS See Misty's blog, for better pics of Beth.


Mrs. Walker said...

Congrats on your beautiful new granddaughter!

sarahdodson said...

Oh, TOO NEAT!!! What a wonderful, happy family. I LOVE it! :)

THanks for the SHOUT OUT! and thanks for posting.

you can never get too many...

Anonymous said...

Those pictures are so good! Yes, their shirts look great on them! I had to buy them the minute I saw them! The brown looks so good! Bethany is absolutely precious! Thanks for posting and I can't wait to see more pictures every day til you have to go home!! Are you up to the challenge? :) Congratulations again! Have a wonderful day!