Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Don't Tell the Others

That's what I said to the Lord on the way home. Don't tell them what? That He has a favorite!

Here's what happened.... Stopped to visit Mom and the others at the nursing home on my way home. Who even knew it was supposed to storm? I told Mom I wanted to take off before it was completely dark. The local news said there was hail in Coleman, and the nurses and aides were trying to get their cars under the canopy in the front. It had stopped raining when I took off. A little ways down the road I hit STRONG winds (those I had all the way home) and HARD rain! It's feast or famine around these parts! It wasn't quite hard to see yet, but getting there. Then came the HAIL! Whee! God was so kind in that I was right near the Hord's Creek Store, which has gas pumps and a canopy over them. So I headed there, praying I wasn't driving into a ditch, as the rain was so bad it was hard to tell where the pavement was. So I pulled in, and a truck pulled in next to me. If you had heard Tina's stories today, you would have been creeped out! So I locked my doors (like someone's gonna attack me in a hail storm!) and waited a bit. Some of the hail was rock hard, and some was like mini-snowballs, which was kinda neat! I at first thought that there was only one person in the truck (A BIG MAN! of course), but after the rain let up a bit I saw frail and white hair combined. I rolled the window down, the sweet lady rolled hers down and yelled, Isn't this awful? and that was the end of the conversation, as the hail started up again with a vengeance. I was soaking it up, as I ADORE storms, while trying to remember if we still had full coverage on the car! (We do. Yay.)

So, the rain and hail let up and the truck took off. I said to meself, Wouldn't it be a good idea to follow them, in case the hail gets REAL bad--at least someone will know where I am. So I did, and they turned off in Talpa. Thank you for the truck, Lord! (BTW, the ride home from Coleman is 35 miles of 2-lane road, with no stores [Hord's Creek is closed] or anything commercial the whole way, and Talpa is the halfway point.)

So the rain had quit, and now it was VERY WINDY! Still is. I said, Lord, thank you for easing up on the rain; that was very kind. If You send more rain, that's fine; I know you'll help me, but a dry ride would be nice. Then I looked up and saw a STAR! Precious. And I concluded that, if you can see a star, there are no clouds (so no rain or hail!) between me and the star!

I hope y'all aren't jealous. My Father loves me, and He delights in showing me special tokens of His love. And I am blessed.
PS The pic is from the flight home from Orlando.


sarahdodson said...

I'm not jealous at all. I find many many tokens of His love for ME! :)

What a story! I didn't realize you were in the storm, but I'm so thankful for the Lord's presence and nearness you felt. Wonderful.

We were sitting in our Dave Ramsey class and it STARTED (the storm); it was LOVELY.

Love you loads. I do wish others would comment on here. "Don't tell the Others," but THEY are missing the blessing. hee hee... LOVE!

Shaunna said...

It was quite a little storm, huh?! We enjoyed watching it from INSIDE the house...Sorry you were stuck driving in it though! Thankful the Lord took care of you and blessed you with a safe drive home:)