Saturday, August 09, 2008

How do you spell PAMPER?

THIS is a foot massage, followed by a back massage! I asked them if they wanted to be adopted by me. I have to talk to their parents about this!

Ian wants me to quote him: I love you, Emmie!

Sarah wants me to quote her: I love Emmie!

What a great life.

PS Sarah added: I love Pee Wee!

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Grace said...

i'm so jealous. usually they are pampering me:( i knew i had 3 kids for a reason:) can't wait to see you, sweet momma. love you. thank you beyond belief for taking the kids for a few days. i'm enjoying the time alone with dean immensely. give my kids a few kisses for me in the morning.

sarahdodson said...

That is the LIFE!!!!! Wow. I'll take an Ian and Sarah. Remind them to do that for me when they come. How sweet. And I like their Emmie quotes. priceless.