Friday, July 18, 2008

Blizzard's Coming!

Say hello to the wife of the new Winters, TX Special Ed teacher and coach! Nice to meet you!

We will be moving to Winters by mid-August, probably earlier. Yes, I said that dreaded four-letter word: move. Sigh. I will be leaving proximity to our two fabulous daughters, and for that I am sad. Except for that, I am so so happy for my husband! (I see Mom once a week now, so that won't change anything.)

And we already got an apartment! It's a 2/2, slightly smaller than we have now. And laugh--the privacy fence houses a yard about 18" by 36". Tres cute. (I think I could have a decent garden in that plot.) That fence is major overkill! There is a little "patio" (I think it'll hold one chair) within this fence. The outer yard is nice and well-kept. It's a duplex--did I mention that? And there's a 2-car driveway. A half-mile away from school. (I may get a bike, but first I have to get into shape to ride one! The last time I tried, I got almost half a block away before I almost died. Time to work on that!)

So that's the latest here. Working on the "wedding dresses" for the little people. I cannot start packing until I finish them--too much chaos! All prayers would be greatly appreciated. If this apartment can get filled for 1 August, we won't lose a month's rent, which would be a blessing!

Signing off for now. Love to all.

PS Winters' mascot is a blizzard. Not Dairy Queen's.


Anonymous said...

Greetings again from Grand Rapids. Yet another move!

Congrats to G. James on new gig.

email with corrections made first to: (pretty cryptic, eh) but then I think you have the keen eye!

sarahdodson said...

what a nice comment there.

I like blizzards. ESPECIALLY the new girl scout mint one. Has anybody tried that?? Dee lish!

Don't move. Please? Ok, I understand, but I WILL miss you.

thanks for EVERYTHING you did for our family today. you're precious and I love you.

Mrs. Walker said...

I'm sorry about the move, but glad for the job. I had no idea it was going to happen so quickly! I'll be praying! You sounds positively HECTIC!!!


Heather said...

Congratulations. Moving is no fun during the process but nice one everything is unpacked and you can reorganize and redecorate. I love that part.