Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Finally! No news.

Psych! Actually, I thought it might actually happen, but it didn't. And it wasn't my decision. (Phew!)

We considered, and looked at, and drove, an RV which we were considering to LIVE IN! A 27-footer, even! (DO YOU KNOW HOW LITTLE THAT IS?) Shock #1--No bedroom, just a bed above the driver and passenger. Shock #2--NO CLOSET! Just for the record, I WAS WILLING! to give up everything, as Greg has always said that's his dream when it's just him, as he feels he needs hardly anything to exist, and the less the better. I would hate to have to die for him to have his dream fulfilled (sad, eh), so I consented to getting rid of EVERYTHING for him. And he decided no. (Pardon my relief!)

One reason I married this man is because I could tell I'd never be bored: sad, mad--yes, but never bored. He hasn't disappointed me yet. The only time I fell asleep on him I was on medication.

Greg and our pastor are heading home tomorrow from OK. They went to the bible conference there. I MISS MY HUSBAND! Enough! And all I'm saying is this: Prediger didn't need the earplugs.

I was all ready to sew, and then my sewing machine quit on me. Sigh.

The raw food thingie is going pretty well so far. Avocados! I know God was thinking of me when He created those. Delicioso!

Off to read some, and listen to more of the conference. Live WebCam is so awesome!

Thanks for the comments. Two people sure know how to make me feel loved, and you know who you are.


Grace said...

oh mamma. i'm so happy you guys decided to stay put. now we for sure have a place to stay when we come down. and hopefully that won't be very long from now. thanks for coming to visit for those wonderful 19 hours (minus the nap and the night time sleep, it doesn't add up to very many hours:). love you, ma.

sarahdodson said...

What a relief is right. phew.

you're looking so nice these days. I think you have a great attitude about it all. Not taking it to the extreme, but wanting to be healthier. GOOD JOB!

Much love to you and yours.

sarahdodson said...

ps. THANKYOUVERYMUCH for watching the kiddos today!!!!!!!!

Misty said...

very proud of you for doing the raw thing. love you