Sunday, August 12, 2007


Saturday! Timothy and Kyla are getting married in Elmendorf, TX! Guess who is their photographer?

OK--Timothy is Timothy Shepard, the pastor's son, and Kyla is (not for long!) Kyla White, pastor's daughter in Elemendorf (that part's probably permanent, I'm thinking!). And I am their photographer!

Send any and all advice and encouragement--am I nervous or WHAT? I AM stoked! Please pray for me; I want to do a good job for the glory of God and for their encouragement.

Off to San Antonio soon! Love to all. (Look, a sentence with no exclamation point!)


Christy said...

You can do it, Pwe!!! Have fun.

Grace said...

well, mom. you've just got to get in there. don't worry about stepping on people's toes to get the shot you want. if you've got to get between the couple and the pastor, so be it. just get the shot. wish i were there for moral support. love you. mailing your notebook today.

sarahdodson said...

I'm with Grace AND CC. Get the shot and have fun:) relax. get a helper. have plenty of film and batteries. GET MY CAMERA for a backup. And most of all, SMILE. You've got a great/fun personality; let it show. love.

Christy said...

One more tip... get a helper that is NOT taking their own pics. ;) Right, Sarah??

Put Your Faith Back into Action said...

I agree with what every said so have fun and I'll be praying for you. (:)

Vivi said...

CC, that was cold--deserved, but cold. Love you anyway! Truth hurts.

simon said...

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