Sunday, March 25, 2007

Frozen in Time

This is the most beautiful Baby Abby, our newest baby grand. (We have one more due in September.) She is the family's last baby, and she seems to have frozen in time; her looks haven't changed--she just gains some weight now and then, I think. She is delightful. She has a smile that lasts as long as it takes you to see it, then she shuts 'er down! Miss Soberface. Whatadoll. The pics aren't very focused as I wasn't allowed to lift her, so I put the camera above her and shot downward, whilst I was downward also. Awkward angle, eh?

I'm feeling pretty good after my complete hysterectomy with major repair. Everyone has been so helpful to me, especially the hubby. He has been so kind, and such a model of loving me as Christ loves the Church. It's been wonderful. I have read 3.5 of 20 books loaned to me. I'm taking notes on them, and I have been blessed. I'm also finishing up my Bible in 90 Days--we're in the New Testament! We should be finished around the 9th of April. Whirlwind, but excellent!
I am blessed.

I had Principessa take out ALL my craft bins from the guest closet, and I aim to go through them and get rid of much of it at the yard sale Princi's having in a few weeks. I can do this a little at a time. It's raining now (bliss!), so, if it's dry enough come Tuesday, I will try the riding mower to see if it pulls too much on my abdomen. If not, it should take me a few days (5 acres). If so, Bubs is gonna have to come visit me soon.

(If this gets any more boring, I'm gonna put myself to sleep!) This morning I listened to the first two messages from Community's Bible conference. Very good. Looking forward to the rest of them. One of our favorite preachers, Dan Cozart, also preached. He is a JOY!

I put up a little hummingbird feeder, so hopefully the little critters should come around soon. They are absolutely my favorite creatures of all God has made! I've even been known to swat one with a broom in order to get a good look at it! (This is NOT true; SOMEONE "embellished" a story about me....) My goal is to get an outstanding pic of one this season. Here we have the ones that have the beautiful turquoise coloring that looks like peacock feathers. (Ever seen a WHITE peacock? THE BRIDE! Awesome.)

Off to read some more. I'm taking notes as I read "The Death of Death in the Death of Christ," by John Owen. (What a great title!) You KNOW it's gonna be a good book when the preface, introduction, foreward, dedication, table of contents, and appendices are a blessing! This is going to be THAT kind of book! Thanks, Chad.

Flash flood watch. Gotta love it. More later. I think I lost Abby's pics....


Linda said...

Hi Vivi. Glad to hear you're doing well. The new grandbaby sounds just delightful.
My hummingbird feeder is up and the little guys and gals are visiting regularly.
Take care.

sarahdodson said...

Loving the update, sweet Pwe. And it wasn't boring at all. Sorry the pic of Abby didn't turn out. at all. rats. it was so cute!

I didn't know the hummingbird was your favorite of the creatures! you mean you like it even more than spiders and cats and snakes??? Crazy! They ARE beautiful. Hopefully you can get the pic you're wanting. Comanche, here we come...

Love you! Hope you continue to heal. So glad Dad's been a blessing. that doesn't surprise me a bit.


Grace said...

dear momma
typing w/ abby on my lap so short this will be. thanx for the new post. sure makes my day to read new ones. love you.

sjdecorates said...

found you by way of Boomama......I am a Texan too! And I'm pretty impressed that you are reading John Owen's THAT book.....hope it is indeed a blessing to you!

Vivian said...

Dear SJDecorates, If you need a new friend, email me @ I googled you; you have such a kind, encouraging heart! But not blog--what's THAT about? Thanks for coming over!

Yours and His,
I love those heavy books!

Vivi said...

Correction: But NO blog. Rats!