Tuesday, December 12, 2006


What is it, ladies and gentlemen? Place your guesses here.
The girls are off to McKinney! Ian's broken heart will immediately heal, when "the boy of my dreams" sees his Emmie.
I gave little Sarah the great news--Grandpa got a HOLIDAY HAM (pronounce HAM with about 4 syllables! Southern style)! I LOVE to hear her say this. She's a hoot!
IKEA's inventory will be diminished shortly. You've GOTTA go there.
Life's unfair. Misty's posting late at night. How DOES Grace beat me to it? Blame it on the early-morning Abby.
Bunch of stuff and nonsense, eh? Thank you, Helwigs. Love comes in many forms; one of our favorite manifestations is commenting! Good visiting with you. I'm ready for the Helwig blog to kick in.
Have a great week! Greg has my cell phone this week. Sarah's is mine minus 1. You do the math!