Friday, November 24, 2006

VERY Thankful!

Happy Thanksgiving! The big change this year is the new group of the three cousins! Aren't they PRECIOUS? We had such a good time! And, as usual, where there is more than one Risse, there is competition. One son (who will remain unnamed) was soundly beaten by his mother in Scrabble. All I can say is, He was asking for it. We stayed up WAAYY too late playing Balderdash with the family and our two new friends. They REALLY got to know us.


sarahdodson said...

Oh, we DID have a good THanksgiving, eh? Thanks for your hospitality ansd love. I'm so grateful for the new additions. I've benefitted slightly from it;)
love you!

Misty said...

Praise be to God for these precious baby girls! Like Sarah said, I am so thankful one belongs to me:)
love you and thanks for a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Rebekah said...

Those girls are so precious!!! Great picture and cute outfits! :)

Laura said...

beautiful! =)